AG Outsourcing has focused its efforts on the laboratory, chemical  and mecical industries with the highest safety across product ranges and specialized devices. From transportation to use, only the best quality selection makes the grade when offering our customers effective lab technologies. Our innovation and industry leading solutions provides your company what you need with dependable results.

AG Outsourcing takes pride in our ability to serve both public and private sectors with outstanding equipment and products compatible across chemical and lab requirements. Having assisted a multitude of clients with specialized products and apparatus, we continue to invest in research to uncover the products that are trusted and safe.

Our Purpose is to Manage Your Safety

Working in high risk conditions including a lab, requires precision. It is imperative that the correct equipment is incorporated. Products that fail to meet our strict safety standards are not permitted to carry the AG Outsourcing name. We ensure that all apparatus and devices sold under our name are designed to manage the safety of technicians, lab workers and all environments where hazardous products, chemicals and practices are involved.

We are Experienced and Certified in Laboratory Safety Equipment

With years of experience and specialization we are your bridge to effective and secure devices, products and apparatus for higher level scientific, research and development purposes. Ensuring leading engineering across product development and advancement, risks are minimized, and containment solutions incorporated to maintain a safe and effective environment.

Consult with Us for Leading and Innovative Product Solutions

From hazardous chemicals and compounds to vapours, our products have been developed as compatible and safe for experimental, containment and measurable purposes. We implement a high standard of safety and quality standards to prevent unnecessary leaks or the risk of injury or compromised health when working with chemicals and materials. By placing your health and your safety at the fore of what we do, you can trust our exceptional product selection.

Safe Transport, storage, and use of chemicals, solvents and hazardous materials