9010/9020 SIL
  • 9010/9020 SIL

    SKU: HTK-AGS504-AG
    SIL 2 / The control unit 9010/9020 SIL is designed for the future and has new functions. It monitors up to 20 channels in a 19 "subrack and is now also suitable for SIL 2. The 9010 SIL works with an independent gas detector, while the 9020 SIL works with two independent gas detectors per control unit.

    - New level of functional safety improves protection for systems and people
    - Minimizes the risk of incorrect programming
    - For use with a wide range of MSA gas detectors
    - Adjustment of the control module without tools (operation using access codes)
    - Error and fault messages on the display warn of abnormalities in operation
    - display of extended and improved diagnostic data
    - enables quick
    configuration check - if a gas detector has to be replaced, no new control
    module is required (existing modules can be reconfigured) - solution for a variety of gas monitoring applications

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